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Power Up Your Home! Embrace Connectivity with Our Range of Power Adapters, Chargers, and Cables

Embrace Connectivity with our Range
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We are a professional power adapter, charger, cable, dock & hubbulk cable supplier in china and outside China--Vietnam, and have 20+ years of manufacturing experience with more than 1200+ employees in Sunshine Electronic factories. We supply full support and OEM&ODM production strategy for power adapters, chargers, cables, docks & hubs, bulk cables from the conception step to the final packaging. 
Sunshine supplies ac/dc power adapters, wall mount power adapter, car chargers, GaN chargers, HDMI cables, coaxial cables, USB cables, docks & hubs, bulk cables, etc. All the power adapters, chargers, cables, docks & hubs, bulk cables get a full range of certifications. All the power adapters, chargers, cables, docks & hubs have been exported to many counties in the world, such as Western Europe, North America, Australia, and Asia Get your best power adapter, charger, cable, bulk cable price today.

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Your premier power adapter, charger, cable, and bulk cable Manufacturer in China and  Vietnam. Welcome you visit Us.
Eletrolar Show & Latin American Electronics 2023
Eletrolar Show & Latin American Electronics 2023
2023 IFA,Berlin
2023 IFA,Berlin
2023 IFA,Berlin
2023 HK Electronics Fair(Autumn Edition)
2023 HK Electronics Fair(Autumn Edition)
2023 HK Electronics Fair(Autumn Edition)

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During our cooperation with Sunshine, we worked together on power adapters and cables. We are very relieved by Sunshine's delivery service and quality control, we have had very few quality complaints over the past 10 years. Besides, we have received good and proper after-sales service for any misunderstandings caused by incomplete communication.



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