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When it comes to manufacturing a product we often get asked about two types-- OEM and ODM. If you are thinking of getting a product produced, it's important to understand the difference between them as well as the risks and benefits attached to both.
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Flexible ODM&OEM Strategy at Sunshine in China and Vietnam

Sunshine Two Plants in China & Vietnam

Sunshine has been engaged in the R&D, production, and sales of various electronic products related to consumer electronics, the home networking industry, the medical industry, and other fields since 2003.
We mainly produce power adapters, data cables with connectors, plastic accessories, electronic parts, and other products. We provide OEM/EDM services. Sunshine Electronics could satisfy all your needs and be your partner all the time.

OEM or ODM in China & Vietnam? Your Choice

At Sunshine Electronics, you could make a decision to choose ODM or OEM services, we are able to produce power adapters, chargers, cables, bulk cables based on ODM or OEM.

Sunshine Electronics has different manufacturing factories in China and Vietnam, so you can decide where to order and dispatch your power adapters, chargers, cables, bulk cables as well as determine whether to adopt OEM or ODM production strategy.

Our two production bases in China and Vietnam to provide flexible production, delivery, optimized costs, and certificate of origin for you.


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OEM/ODM in China Factory


Quality Concept

From production and quality management systems, we have invited professionals with experience in quality control (Six Sigma Black Belt level) from the world's top 500 companies to act as consultants in our factories and to provide professional training to quality control staff and other management personnel. 
We draw on the world's most advanced quality management concepts, production management systems, management practices, and so on while providing occasional business training for frontline production staff.

Automated Workshop

In our China factory, Sunshine has three main types of workshops, namely the power adapter production workshop, cable electronics production workshop, and various plastic accessory production workshops.

To achieve a first-class production environment with high manufacturing efficiency, uniform quality, and standardized processes, we have introduced
· advanced production automation equipment,
· high-end professional testing equipment,
· central control settings,
· various types of robotic operations,
· other production equipment,
· adopted standard industry workshop settings, etc.

Quality management is in line with ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality system certifications.

Systematic Precise Management

We use an ERP management system to achieve a series of management modes of purchasing, storage, production, and after-sales, to control
· the quality of incoming materials,
· cost control of materials,
· time management of production and shipment,
· production efficiency,
· quality straight through rate,
· traceability of finished materials, etc.
to carry out data management to solve the problems that customers are concerned about and need to solve.

OEM/ODM in Vietnam Factory

In our Vietnam factory, Sunshine has 17 production lines. To ensure efficient production, uniform quality, and standardized processes, we have replicated our production lines in China: automated production equipment, high-end testing equipment, robotic operations, etc., and have expanded our production scale. The automation equipment manufacturer is based in the factory for 8 months, from frontline staff to production line shift leaders, equipment personnel, and production senior management, all conduct a full range of job business training, equipment maintenance training, equipment management training, equipment data management training, etc., to maximize the use of automation equipment to meet the production of product quality assurance, consistency assurance, production line data management objectives, product one-time pass rate management, data analysis and improvement of defective products.
Development of Quality Theory

Quality System

Our quality management is in line with international certifications such as ISO9001, TL9000, ISO27001, and ISO14001. At the same time, we have absorbed the management and guidance of a domestic management team with about thirty years of experience in production and quality control, have fully invested all of our strengths from the China factory into the Vietnam factory, and have developed a quality control team in Vietnam that is systematic, standardized and controlled at multiple points.

Cost System

In our Vietnam factory, the flexible working system we have adopt makes us more flexible for our customers' shipping needs. Based on the advantages of the China factory and Vietnam factory, we have been able to better optimize the cost control of our products, from raw material costs, logistics costs, and manufacturing costs. We have been able to achieve price optimization utilizing merit-based adoption, cost-cutting control, and labor efficiency control, to save our customers a reasonable price space to enhance our mutual performance with our customers.


Production System

In our Vietnam factory, we have high-end automated production equipment and testing equipment in the industry, as well as a production management team, quality management team, equipment management team, and ERP warehouse management team with systematic management theories.
Service Purpose

Service Purpose

In our Vietnam factory, we achieve more optimized prices, more flexible delivery, diversified origin requirements, and many more advantages to manufacture qualified and satisfactory products and provide high-quality services for our customers.

Relying on the most cutting-edge industry information in China, a strong research and development team, we have combined the advantages of Vietnam production costs, controlled quality management system, flexible delivery services, diversified origin needs and other advantages, to present our customers with qualified research and development results, optimal price costs, consistent quality production control, timely and convenient and diverse delivery speed.

R&D and Laboratory

Highly Experienced R&D team and laboratory

Sunshine has its R&D team and laboratory. We combine our decades of industry experience, industry information, and R&D achievements in China with the advantages of Vietnam's production cost, controlled quality management system, flexible delivery service, diversified origin needs, and other advantages to better provide ODM/OEM services for our customers.

Nanny OEM Service

For OEM service, we will customize our products according to the specifications and parameters provided by our customers, so that products can be used in various fields related to their needs.

Custom ODM Service

For ODM services, our R&D team can design electronics according to customers' requirements to meet their demands on price, performance, and style of products.

Flexible Choice: OEM or ODM

Whether our customers choose ODM or OEM, Sunshine will always present our customers with qualified research and development results, optimal price and cost, consistent quality production control, and timely, convenient and diverse delivery speed.

Sunshine: Always Your Best Partner

Based on the guideline of providing the best service to our customers, optimizing their market, and absorbing their needs, we are going wider and wider on the road of cooperation with them!

Original Design Manufacturing

ODM, or original design manufacturing, is also referred to as “private labeling”. This is where an importer selects an already-existing product design from a factory catalog, makes a few small changes, and sells it under their own brand name. Changes can include things like packaging or product bundles, colors and branding, and some limited adjustments to components or functionality.


ODM spares importers the need to invest millions of dollars into research and development in order to create a new product from scratch. Why reinvent the wheel when you can just improve one that already exists? And by eliminating or vastly reducing the expense of product development, importers can focus more on marketing strategies.


ODM requires less start-up capital, while OEM designers often invest millions of dollars into research and development over several years in order to create unique products. Cost savings will be saved.

Original Equipment Manufacturing

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturing and refers to products that are fully designed by one company and then licensed out to a manufacturer to produce. 
Many  brand-name electronics and appliances are OEM. Custom-designed clothing, as opposed to a generic garment with a custom logo, is another example of OEM.


The designer retains total creative control over the design. Whereas ODM products are restricted to a predetermined design, OEM products can be made according to any specifications. The only limitation is the designer’s imagination (as well as budget).


OEM designers could meet customers' need according to their design requirments to occupy a market share in the industry. Howerver, ODM can be more difficult to differentiate your product from competitors' products that are manufactured according to the same design.

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