Small Batch Testing: A Small Change to Your Process, A Big Change for Results

Need small batch testing before proceeding to manufacture large quantities. Sunshine Electronics enables us to produce high-quality and safe power adapters, chargers, cables, bulk cables for you.
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Why Small Batch Testing is Necessary

Since the 1950s, research and developments teams have been asking, “when we are not sure whether products will change substantially before we reach derv-complete—and we’ll need to rerun many tests to ensure we could produce qualified power adapters, chargers, cables, bulk cables” If you’re thinking “Aw yeah, time to crank up the testing!”, don’t forget that it needs to be baked into your process.

 Small batch testing is key


Break up the entire project into easily executable chunks that’ll allow Sunshine Electronics to be nimble and get data to work with. Even if the sample size is too small during the first test, keep iterating until we are confident that we should be full steam ahead.

 Be committed to the post-test analysis


Sunshine must have the capabilities and time to accurately measure what we just tested in order for it to be worthwhile.



Benefits of Small Batching Testing


Sunshine Small Batch Testing Process

When Start a Small Batch Testing

After the R&D design has been completed and various indicators have been tested in the laboratory, Sunshine Electronics will start a small batch testing for verification to ensure all power adapters, chargers, cables, bulk cables are qualified and safe.

Process of Small Batch Testing

● We will test the safety and reliability of each raw component before mass production;
● Practically verify the structure of the product;
● Determine and ensure the quality and feasible production process and SOP;
● Design the auxiliary molds and tools required for the production of corresponding products;
● Set up the standard data for the relevant parameters of the test equipment in the corresponding production process;
● Train the relevant key production frontline working stuff;
● Carry out a long period of time verification to test the current resistance, voltage resistance and load electrification, to further determine the stability, quality, and safety of power adapters, chargers, cables, bulk cables.

Crucial Role of Small Batch Testing


In the whole quality management system, small batch testing plays a very crucial role to guarantee the quality of our electronics and eliminate unexpected uncertainties, especially for the mass production and timely delivery of orders. We have worked ahead of time on some of the factors concerned by our customers to gain more effective time and quality assurance for you and to make good preparation for bulk delivery.

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