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Feeding the fires of innovation

At Sunshine Electronics, we have a passion for innovation and creativity; qualities which have positioned us as a world-leading manufacturing business. We are constantly embracing new technologies and developing high-quality and 100%safe power adapters, chargers, cables, bulk cables to benefit our customers and their products in novel and exciting ways. We believe the possibilities for achieving outstanding power adapters, chargers, cables, bulk cables are virtually endless.
Innovation within Sunshine Electronics is more than a process, it’s a culture.

An eye for power adapters, chargers, cables, bulk cables

creative inspiration brought to life

We are developing power adapters, chargers, cables, bulk cables that continually improves the customer experience. 

Following up the Trend

Customers are more willing to use advanced, high-tech, and aesthetic electronics, especially younger customers who are always following the fast pace of fashion trends. For example, GaN chargers are smaller, lighter, safer, and more portable than conventional chargers, which means this is an opportunity for us to produce more GaN chargers with GaN technology to meet their requirements. 

Customer-Based Design

Sunshine Electronics is always putting itself into customer's shoes to create and produce power adapters, chargers, cables, bulk cables fulfiling their needs with high quality and 100% safe. Your opinions, ideas as well as necessities are theinnovation power for Sunshine Electronics to innovate more electronics, Sunshine is by vour side to walk the iourney wityou and meet all your needs for power adapters, chargers, cables, bulk cables.

Consult Your Sunshine Experts

We help you avoid the pitfalls to deliver the quality and value your Power adapter, charger, bulk cable need, on-time and on-budget.

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