Ethernet Adapters

Ethernet adapters are a type of network interface controller that can allow computers and other devices to connect to a local area network (LAN). The main use of the term refers to a hardware component that allows a device to network using a category five (cat5) or six (cat6) twisted pair cable. These Ethernet adapters are typically based on either expansion cards or universal serial buses (USB). A wireless Ethernet adapter is a similar piece of hardware that can connect to an existing Ethernet jack in order to provide a device with Wi-Fi connectivity.

As a Professional Ethernet adapters Manufacturer & Supplier in China and Vietnam, We offer factory-priced, high-quality Ethernet adapters for superior speed, performance, and reliability. Designed for today's enterprise and cloud-scale environments, Sunshine's Ethernet network adapters are the ideal solution for high-performance virtualization, intelligent flow processing, secure data center connectivity, and machine learning. Sunshine’s Ethernet network adapters support configurations ranging and utilize both optical and copper connectivity.

Types of Ethernet Adapters

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Features of Ethernet Adapters

● Low-power adapters and controllers with outstanding thermal performance
● Low latency and high throughput RoCEv2 delivers ground-breaking performance for machine learning, HPC, and storage applications
● Securely provide Silicon Root of Trust and attestation delivering the industry’s most secure Ethernet controller
● The modern architecture delivers the industry’s lowest latency and lowest CPU utilization for real-world network conditions
● Accelerate virtual switch processing, reduces server CPU usage
● Address end-user manageability needs to allow fine-tuning of networks for maximum performance
● Acceleration engines for SDN and NFV enable leading-edge service provider solutions

Why choose Sunshine Ethernet Adapters

If you plug your laptop directly into the router via Ethernet, you might find a good connection. The other reason to get a Sunshine Ethernet adapter for your computer is for giving you a way to run a more accurate internet speed test. We often get calls from people saying they think their internet is slow. Wi-Fi performance can suffer greatly due to distance from the router, interference, overloading by other devices, and so on. Having an Ethernet adapter can allow you to diagnose that. Related to the previous point, if you watch Netflix or Prime or other video channels on your laptop over Wi-Fi, you might see issues. Connecting directly to your router via Ethernet could eliminate buffering and other video problems. Again, slow, weak, or congested Wi-Fi is pretty common. A wired Ethernet cable eliminates all those issues.


Plug-and-play, easy to use

In any place with power lines (within the same meter range), just plug the Ethernet adapter into the power outlet and you can access the local area network without setting and management.


Easy to set up and expand the network

Providing a solution without separate wiring for environments where wired networks have not been arranged or where wiring is difficult. As a good supplement to the environment where the wireless signal cannot cover completely or there are blind spots or dead ends, eliminate the blind spots and optimize the application.


Protect data transmission security and smooth application

Support encryption technology, which can be divided into VLANs to ensure network security. Support QoS network application priority to meet applications with high latency requirements such as online games, online video, IPTV, etc.

Custom Ethernet Adapters

To make your Ethernet Adapters more marketable, it’s essential to offer more than the standard Ethernet Adapters. We help you develop specialized Ethernet Adapters that meet various industry demands through our range of custom options.

All our additional features are tested for quality and optimal performance, ensuring that each part improves the functionality of your Ethernet Adapters. We use the latest technology to apply these features securely on your products and test them in each step for quality assurance.


Ethernet Adapter Logo Printing

Our factory has a laser engraving logo machine, and a silk printing machine, which also supports open new molding to emboss the logo on the cable.


Ethernet Adapter Packaging

We can do customized Ethernet Adapters packaging. we also can provide the packaging die-cut to you for design.

Ethernet Adapter Color

As a factory, we can make almost all kinds of colored adapters, please provide us the color panton number, and we can make the color Ethernet Adapters as you need.


Ethernet Adapter Material

We did make kinds of material cables, like PE, PVC, ABS,etc, and all the materials meet the RoHS/Reach/Ca65 standard.

Why Order Ethernet Adapters in Sunshine?

Wholesale Ethernet Adapter at Sunshine

  • High-Quality and Fast Ethernet Adapters

    We are meticulous with our quality checks of Ethernet Adapters and manufacturing standards of Ethernet Adapters. Our goal is to offer you the best Ethernet Adapters and guarantee high-quality Ethernet Adapters for you to boost your business.
  • Strong Supply Capacity

    We manufacture your Ethernet Adapters fast to ensure that the production and distribution schedules of your business are not delayed or disrupted. Sunshine has self-owned factories in China and Vietnam which are fitted with the machinery of highly Validated and Recognized test equipment brands to ensure that we efficiently manufacture high-quality Ethernet Adapters. It also enables us to produce in bulk within short turnaround times for Ethernet Adapters.
  • Customized Order Acceptable

    A group of engineers offer customized designs according to customers’ requests. Our aim is to offer a customized Ethernet Adapter design to meet all your requirements for Ethernet Adapters. We are determined to bring your vision to life because customer satisfaction for Ethernet Adapters is extremely important to us.
  • Competitive Price

    More than 20 years of manufacturing experience. All of our machines are automatic, fast, and advanced with high output. Production average cost is much lower to offer competitive prices to customers.
  • Free Ethernet Adapter Sample

    Sunshine Electronics offers you a free Ethernet Adapter sample for testing and to confirm that we met your custom design requirements.
  • Worry-free Pre and After-Sales Services

    Generally speaking, time is an invaluable resource for your business and thus fast service delivery for Ethernet Adapters is important and necessary to get a good result. Consequently, our short response times aim to provide easy access to our services Ethernet Adapters. The Sunshine Electronics team is always on hand to guide you through After-Sales procedures such as the warehousing of Ethernet Adapters, shipment of Ethernet Adapters, and just-in-time delivery of Ethernet Adapters.

Get Ethernet Adapters in Bulk Step-by-step


We Respond to Your Inquiry for Ethernet Adapters Within 12 Hours

Generally speaking, time is an invaluable resource for your business and thus fast service delivery for Ethernet Adapters is important and necessary to get a good result. Consequently, our short response times aim to provide easy access to our services of Ethernet Adapters to meet your needs.

We Provide Customer-Based Solutions for Ethernet Adapters

Our aim is to offer a customized solution to meet all your requirements for Ethernet Adapters. We are determined to bring your vision to life because customer satisfaction for Ethernet Adapters is extremely important to us.

We Achieve the Goal of Efficient Ethernet Adapters Manufacturing

The Sunshine factories in China and outside China--Vietnam are fitted with the machinery of highly Validated and Recognized test equipment brands in our laboratories and production workshop, to ensure that we efficiently manufacture high-quality, fast, compact, and compatible Ethernet Adapters. It also enables us to produce in bulk within short turnaround times and prove competitive prices for Ethernet Adapters.

We Offer Custom Ethernet Adapters Labeling and Packaging

If you come to us with small Ethernet Adapters packaging needs, we will do our best to make them come true. We have available designs for Ethernet Adapters that you can choose from or we could explore customization for custom Ethernet Adapters that you want.

Ethernet Adapter FAQ

  • Are there different types of Ethernet adapters?

    Different types of Ethernet adapters are available to provide wired network connectivity to devices. These include USB Ethernet adapters, Thunderbolt Ethernet adapters, PCIe Ethernet adapters, Ethernet adapters with Power over Ethernet (PoE) support, and Gigabit Ethernet adapters. Each type serves specific purposes and compatibility requirements, catering to various devices and use cases.

  • What is the benefit of an Ethernet adapter?

    The benefit of an Ethernet adapter is establishing a stable, reliable, and fast wired network connection between a device and a router or modem. This connection offers faster speeds, lower latency, and more consistent performance compared to Wi-Fi, making it ideal for tasks like gaming, streaming, and video conferencing.
  • What does an Ethernet adapter do?

    An Ethernet adapter enables a device to connect to a wired Ethernet network, typically through an Ethernet port or interface. It facilitates the transmission of data between the device and the network, allowing for internet access, file sharing, communication, and other network-related activities. Essentially, it serves as the intermediary between the device and the Ethernet network, enabling reliable and high-speed data transfer over Ethernet cables.
  • Does Ethernet adapter affect internet speed?

    An Ethernet adapter itself does not directly affect internet speed. However, it can enable a more stable and reliable connection compared to Wi-Fi, which may result in improved internet performance. 
    Factors such as the quality of the Ethernet cable, the speed of the network router or modem, and the internet service provider's connection speed primarily determine internet speed. An Ethernet adapter simply facilitates the connection between your device and the network, allowing data to transfer at the maximum speed supported by your network infrastructure. 
    Overall, while an Ethernet adapter does not inherently boost internet speed, it can provide a more consistent and reliable connection, which may lead to better overall internet performance compared to Wi-Fi in certain circumstances.
  • Is an Ethernet adapter better than Wi-Fi?

    Whether an Ethernet adapter is better than Wi-Fi depends on factors like speed, stability, reliability, coverage, security, and ease of use. Ethernet typically offers faster, more stable, and more secure connections, making it preferable for tasks like gaming or large file transfers. Wi-Fi, however, provides greater flexibility in terms of coverage and ease of use. Choose the option that best suits your specific needs and circumstances.
  • Is there a cable to the Ethernet adapter?

    Yes, there is a cable that connects the Ethernet adapter to the device and to the network. This cable is typically an Ethernet cable, also known as a network cable or RJ45 cable. It has connectors on both ends that resemble larger versions of telephone cable connectors. One end of the Ethernet cable plugs into the Ethernet adapter on your device, such as a computer or gaming console, while the other end plugs into a network router, modem, or Ethernet wall jack to establish a wired internet connection.
  • When should I use an Ethernet adapter?

    You should use an Ethernet adapter when you require a stable, reliable, and high-speed internet connection for tasks such as gaming, streaming, video conferencing, large file transfers, or other bandwidth-intensive activities. Ethernet adapters are particularly useful in environments where Wi-Fi signals may be weak or prone to interference, as they offer a wired connection that is less susceptible to signal degradation. Additionally, Ethernet adapters are ideal for devices that do not have built-in Ethernet ports, allowing you to add wired network connectivity to laptops, desktop computers, gaming consoles, smart TVs, and other devices. Overall, consider using an Ethernet adapter whenever you need a fast, stable, and secure internet connection that Wi-Fi may not reliably provide.
  • Should I buy an Ethernet adapter?

    Whether you should buy an Ethernet adapter depends on your specific needs and circumstances. Here are some factors to consider:
    Internet Usage: If you regularly engage in activities that require a stable and high-speed internet connection, such as gaming, streaming, or video conferencing, an Ethernet adapter may be beneficial.
    Wi-Fi Reliability: If you experience issues with Wi-Fi signal strength or stability in your home or office, an Ethernet adapter can provide a more reliable alternative for internet connectivity.
    Device Compatibility: Consider whether your devices have built-in Ethernet ports. If not, an Ethernet adapter allows you to add wired network connectivity to devices like laptops, desktop computers, gaming consoles, and smart TVs.
    Network Infrastructure: Assess the availability and accessibility of Ethernet ports in your environment. If you have access to Ethernet wall jacks or a network router with available Ethernet ports, using an Ethernet adapter can provide a fast and stable connection.
    Cost: Ethernet adapters are generally affordable and offer a one-time investment for improved internet connectivity. Compare the cost of an Ethernet adapter to the potential benefits it provides in terms of speed, stability, and reliability.
    Ultimately, if you prioritize a stable and fast internet connection, especially for bandwidth-intensive tasks, and your devices support Ethernet connectivity, purchasing an Ethernet adapter may be a worthwhile investment. However, if you are satisfied with your current Wi-Fi connection and do not require the benefits of a wired connection, an Ethernet adapter may not be necessary. Consider your specific internet usage habits and network setup when deciding whether to buy an Ethernet adapter.
  • How to reset Ethernet adapter cmd?

    1. On the taskbar search, type "Command Prompt."
    2. Right-click on Command Prompt and press "run as administrator."
    3. When asked whether to allow Command Prompt to make changes to your computer, select Yes.
    4. Open Command Prompt.
    5. Type the command netsh winsock reset then press enter.

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