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The smaller and more versatile USB-C ports are becoming the new standard in laptops. This is great for making thinner and lighter-weight laptops, but how do you connect all of your old USB Type-A peripherals like your mouse and keyboard? Enter a USB&USB-C hub. By connecting a hub to your USB Type-C port on your laptop, you open up a world of connectivity. Hubs allow you to not only connect your USB Type-A peripherals, but also your HDMI connections, SD cards, or they simply just add more USB ports.

As a professional USB & USB C hubs manufacturer and wholesaler in China and Vietnam, we can provide USB & USB C hubs with various combinations of modern and traditional ports, we can customize USB & USB C hubs in different colors, sizes and packages according to your wishes, and can provide OEM and ODM services, so finding the right hub for your needs is not a problem at sunshine!

Range Of USB & USB C Hub Products

Sunshine has built and tested many USB & USB C hubs from the port options of each hub, as well as little-known details that cannot be found in other manufacturers' descriptions, such as whether there is enough space between the ports or whether the hub gets hot during use. Here are our products:

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Features of Sunshine USB & USB C Hubs

  Multiple port options

A hub with multiple ports for connecting monitors, keyboards, mice, Ethernet, external storage, microSD and SD cards, etc., to meet the needs of today's notebooks with insufficient ports.


Lightweight design and easy to carry, whether it is home office or travel, it is very convenient.


Fast charging for even the most power-hungry electronic devices.

  Transmission speed

Efficient data transfer speed, both for office and other uses.

Heat Dissipation

Good heat dissipation even after long periods of continuous data and Ethernet use

Why choose Sunshine USB & USB C Hubs

Sunshine is a professional manufacturer engaged in the research, development, production, sale, and service of USB & USB C Hubs,chargers, adapters, and other accessories. We have more than 1200 staff and a professional R&D team. We also set up a complete product inspection and testing laboratory. We are committed to providing our customers with quality products and the utmost service in the industry and make sure that your product has been designed and engineered by professionals, with the highest quality materials, the most eco-friendly materials, and precision equipment products available. Sunshine has a sound and rigorous material supply chain, a modern production line, a highly efficient and humanized management system, and a strict standardized quality management System. It Is a trusted partner of global OEM and ODM solutions, and a technological enterprise with innovative research and development.

In addition to having all the right ports, ours is one of the very few hubs with an HDMI port that supports a proper 60 Hz refresh rate on 4K displays, so on-screen animation and movement is very smooth - almost all other hubs are at 30 Hz, which can lead to a frustratingly laggy experience. Our products are powerful enough to fit on your desk as a docking station, yet small enough to fit in a laptop bag and be used on the go.

Testing Equipment


Product Certified

Company Qualified

Lab We Work With

Custom USB & USB C Hub

To make your USB & USB C Hubs more marketable, it’s essential to offer more than the standard USB & USB C Hubs. We help you develop specialized USB & USB C Hubs that meet various industry demands through our range of custom options.

All our additional features are tested for quality and optimal performance, ensuring that each part improves the functionality of your USB & USB C Hubs. We use the latest technology to apply these features securely on your products and test them in each step for quality assurance.


USB & USB C Hub Logo Printing

Our factory has a laser engraving logo machine, and a silk printing machine, which also supports open new molding to emboss the logo on the Dock.


USB & USB C Hub Packaging

We can do customized micro USB & USB C Hubs to USB & USB C Hubs packaging. we also can provide the packaging die-cut to you for design.

USB & USB C Hub Color

As a factory, we can make almost all kinds of colored adapters, please provide us the color panton number, and we can make the color USB & USB C Hubs as you need.


USB & USB C Cable Material

We did make kinds of material Dock, like PE, PVC, ABS,etc, and all the materials meet the RoHS/Reach/Ca65 standard.

Why Order USB & USB C Hubs in Sunshine?

Wholesale USB & USB C Hub at Sunshine

  • High-Quality and Fast USB & USB C Hubs

    We are meticulous with our quality checks of USB & USB C Hubs and manufacturing standards of USB & USB C Hubs. Our goal is to offer you the best USB & USB C Hubs and guarantee high-quality USB & USB C Hubs for you to boost your business.
  • Strong Supply Capacity

    We manufacture your USB & USB C Hubs fast to ensure that the production and distribution schedules of your business are not delayed or disrupted. Sunshine has self-owned factories in China and Vietnam which are fitted with the machinery of highly Validated and Recognized test equipment brands to ensure that we efficiently manufacture high-quality USB & USB C Hubs. It also enables us to produce in bulk within short turnaround times for USB & USB C Hubs.
  • Customized Order Acceptable

    A group of engineers offer customized designs according to customers’ requests. Our aim is to offer a customized USB & USB C Hub design to meet all your requirements for USB & USB C Hubs. We are determined to bring your vision to life because customer satisfaction for USB & USB C Hubs is extremely important to us.
  • Competitive Price

    More than 20 years of manufacturing experience. All of our machines are automatic, fast, and advanced with high output. Production average cost is much lower to offer competitive prices to customers.
  • Free USB & USB C Hub Sample

    Sunshine Electronics offers you a free USB & USB C Hub sample for testing and to confirm that we met your custom design requirements.
  • Worry-free Pre and After-Sales Services

    Generally speaking, time is an invaluable resource for your business and thus fast service delivery for USB & USB C Hubs is important and necessary to get a good result. Consequently, our short response times aim to provide easy access to our services USB & USB C Hubs. The Sunshine Electronics team is always on hand to guide you through After-Sales procedures such as the warehousing of USB & USB C Hubs, shipment of USB & USB C Hubs, and just-in-time delivery of USB & USB C Hubs.

Get USB & USB C Hubs in Bulk Step-by-step


We Respond to Your Inquiry for USB & USB C Hubs Within 12 Hours

Generally speaking, time is an invaluable resource for your business and thus fast service delivery for USB & USB C Hubs is important and necessary to get a good result. Consequently, our short response times aim to provide easy access to our services of USB & USB C Hubs to meet your needs.

We Provide Customer-Based Solutions for USB & USB C Hubs

Our aim is to offer a customized solution to meet all your requirements for USB & USB C Hubs. We are determined to bring your vision to life because customer satisfaction for USB & USB C Hubs is extremely important to us.

We Achieve the Goal of Efficient USB & USB C Hub Manufacturing

The Sunshine factories in China and outside China--Vietnam are fitted with the machinery of highly Validated and Recognized test equipment brands in our laboratories and production workshop, to ensure that we efficiently manufacture high-quality, fast, compact, and compatible USB & USB C Hubs. It also enables us to produce in bulk within short turnaround times and prove competitive prices for USB & USB C Hubs.

We Offer Custom USB & USB C Hub Labeling and Packaging

If you come to us with small USB & USB C Hubs packaging needs, we will do our best to make them come true. We have available designs for USB & USB C Hubs that you can choose from or we could explore customization for custom USB & USB C Hubs that you want.


  • Are USB-C hubs better?

    USB-C hubs offer several advantages over traditional USB hubs, making them a preferred choice for many users:
    Versatility: USB-C hubs typically feature multiple ports, including USB-A, HDMI, Ethernet, SD card slots, and more, all in one compact device. This versatility allows users to connect various peripherals and devices to their laptops or other USB-C-equipped devices, expanding functionality and connectivity options.
    High-Speed Data Transfer: USB-C hubs often support faster data transfer speeds compared to traditional USB hubs. USB-C technology, especially when paired with USB 3.1 or Thunderbolt 3 protocols, enables rapid data transfer rates, making it ideal for tasks such as file transfers, video editing, and accessing external storage devices.
    Power Delivery: Many USB-C hubs support Power Delivery (PD) technology, allowing them to deliver power to connected devices, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets. This feature eliminates the need for multiple chargers and adapters, streamlining the charging process and reducing cable clutter.
    Compatibility: USB-C is becoming increasingly prevalent in modern devices, including laptops, tablets, smartphones, and peripherals. USB-C hubs offer broad compatibility, making them suitable for use with a wide range of devices, regardless of their manufacturer or operating system.
    Compact and Portable: USB-C hubs are typically compact and lightweight, making them ideal for travel or use in cramped workspaces. Their small form factor allows users to easily carry them in a bag or pocket, ensuring connectivity wherever they go.
    Overall, USB-C hubs offer a combination of versatility, speed, power delivery, compatibility, and portability that make them a preferred choice for users seeking enhanced connectivity options for their USB-C-enabled devices.
  • Why are some USB-C hubs so expensive?

    Some USB-C hubs are expensive due to advanced features like Power Delivery and high-speed data transfer, superior build quality, brand reputation, certifications, specialized use cases, and market demand. These factors contribute to higher manufacturing costs and justify the premium price.
  • What are USB-C hubs used for?

    USB-C hubs are a cost-effective and space-saving solution for adding ports to your laptop, PC, or gaming system, so you can connect those extra monitors or other devices or peripherals you'd love to use.
  • Why do USB-C hubs get so hot?

    USB-C hubs can get hot due to various reasons such as Power Delivery (PD), high-speed data transfer, passive cooling methods, the number of connected devices, build quality, and environmental factors. Some level of heat generation is normal, but excessive heat can indicate a problem and should be monitored to prevent damage.
  • Do USB-C hubs slow down computer?

    USB-C hubs themselves typically do not slow down computers, but the devices connected to the hub and the tasks performed through it can impact performance. Factors such as data transfer speed, power delivery, the number and type of connected devices, and compatibility issues should be considered.
  • What are the disadvantages of a USB hub?

    USB hubs offer convenience but come with limitations. They can reduce data transfer speed, have power constraints, encounter compatibility issues, take up physical space, may not be as portable, and pose a single point of failure risk. Users should be aware of these drawbacks when considering their use.
  • Is USB-C hub necessary?

    If you think your laptop doesn't have enough ports, you want to connect to an external monitor, move files around at high speed, or just wish you had more freedom to get more done with your laptop, then you probably need a USB-C hub or docking station.
  • Are USB hubs worth it?

    USB hubs are the perfect companion for someone with lots of power-hungry USB devices. From phones to tablets to desk gadgets, a USB hub can meet the needs of any gadget that needs USB power. It's also convenient that you don't need to hunt for a spare mains plug,just plug everything into the same hub.
  • What is the difference between USB-C hub and dock?

    Unlike USB-C hubs, docking stations can support connection to up to 3 external monitors, and can even support a maximum 8K resolution to a single screen. They also generally feature more ports than USB-C hubs.
  • Can I leave USB hub plugged in all the time?

    Yes, you can leave a USB hub plugged in all the time without any issues, as long as it's not causing any problems with your computer or other devices. USB hubs are designed to be left connected indefinitely, and many people do so to maintain a convenient and expanded connectivity setup.
    However, there are a few considerations to keep in mind:
    Power Consumption: Leaving a USB hub plugged in all the time may consume a small amount of power, even when not in use. While this is generally negligible, it's something to consider if you're trying to minimize energy usage.
    Device Wear and Tear: Continuous use of the USB hub may subject it to wear and tear over time. While modern USB hubs are designed to withstand frequent use, prolonged usage may eventually lead to degradation of components.
    Port Availability: Leaving the USB hub plugged in may occupy one of your computer's USB ports. If you have a limited number of ports or frequently need to plug in other devices, you may need to prioritize which devices remain connected to the hub.
    Overall, leaving a USB hub plugged in all the time is generally safe and convenient. Just ensure that it's not causing any issues with your devices and periodically check for any signs of wear or overheating.
  • Does a USB hub slow down connection?

    A USB hub itself does not inherently slow down the connection speed of devices connected to it. However, there are factors that can affect the speed of data transfer or device performance when using a USB hub:
    Number of Devices: Connecting multiple devices to a USB hub can potentially saturate the available bandwidth and lead to slower data transfer speeds for each device. This is especially true if several high-bandwidth devices (such as external hard drives or webcams) are connected simultaneously.
    Type of Hub: The type of USB hub can impact connection speed. USB hubs come in various versions, such as USB 2.0, USB 3.0, and USB 3.1. USB 3.0 and USB 3.1 hubs offer higher data transfer rates compared to USB 2.0 hubs. Therefore, using a USB 2.0 hub with USB 3.0 devices may result in slower speeds.
    Power Delivery: Some USB hubs support Power Delivery (PD), allowing them to provide power to connected devices such as laptops or smartphones. If a USB hub is simultaneously providing power to multiple devices while transferring data, it may affect the overall speed of data transfer.
    Compatibility Issues: Incompatibility between the USB hub and connected devices or the computer's operating system can lead to reduced performance or connectivity issues.
    Quality of the Hub: Low-quality or poorly designed USB hubs may not provide consistent power or data transfer capabilities, resulting in slower connections or unreliable performance.
    Overall, while a USB hub itself does not slow down connections, factors such as the number and type of connected devices, power delivery, compatibility, and the quality of the hub can affect the speed and performance of connected devices. It's essential to choose a high-quality USB hub and consider the bandwidth requirements of connected devices to ensure optimal performance.
  • Can a USB hub interfere with WIFI?

    A USB hub can potentially interfere with Wi-Fi signals due to electromagnetic interference (EMI), proximity to Wi-Fi equipment, frequency band overlap, and USB 3.0 electrical noise. To minimize interference, use high-quality shielded hubs, position them away from Wi-Fi routers, and monitor Wi-Fi performance.
  • Can I charge my laptop with USB C hub?

    Yes, you can charge your laptop using a USB-C hub if it supports Power Delivery (PD) and your laptop is compatible with USB-C charging. Ensure the hub can provide enough power, use a high-quality USB-C cable, and be aware that charging while in use may affect performance.

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