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DisplayPort 2.0 Cable

Sunshine DisplayPort 2.0 Cable is ideal for video streaming, gaming, or extending a workstation. Sunshine has two factories in China and Vietnam to provide competitive DisplayPort 2.0 Cable in bulk for you. We keep with good quality and provide the best prices.

Bandwidth up to 21.6Gbps
Resolution up to 4K×2K@60Hz
Up to 8 Audio Channels
Up to 192kHz Audio Sample Frequency
Support Multi-Stream Transport
Support 3D

Overmold PVC/ABS Available
PD v1.2 Compliant

Product Description

21.6Gbps Ultra High Speed

This DP to DP 2.0 cable features an unprecedented bandwidth of 21.6Gbps, nearly 3 times what was available in the previous DP 1.4 spec, Stable and High-speed transmission without signal loss. Note: It is backward compatible with previous DP 1.2 and DP 1.4 standards.

Professional Fever Level 4K×2K Resolution

Play to win with this Display Port 2.0 Cable which supports a 4K×2K HDR display at 60Hz to let you see greater detail with breathtaking clarity. 3D and ARC effects fully immerse you in the battlefield, and you can experience seamless, fluid movement in fast-paced games.

Gain an Edge in Gaming

Supporting lightning-fast 165Hz refresh rate, this DisplayPort 2.0 Cable eliminates lag and motion blur to give you the upper hand in intense gaming. HDR delivers realistic visual effects with rich colors and contrast, enabling you to spot enemies quickly even when they hide in the dark.

Designed to Last

Built-in connector helps it significantly reduce signal loss and external signal interference. It virtually eliminates screen tearing and stuttering. All-new cotton weaving jacket combines a sturdy aluminum alloy shell and 24K gold-plated connectors to provide unbelievable durability for long-term use.

Advantages of Sunshine DisplayPort 2.0 Cable

Unprecedented Data Bandwidth

With a bandwidth of 21.6 Gbps, this latest DP 2.0 cable handles a hefty resolution of up to 4K×2K with HDR at 60Hz and up to 30 bits per pixel for a single screen. The higher bandwidth allows for higher resolutions and faster refresh rates, as well as support for Multi Stream Transport (MST), High Dynamic Range (HDR), and Display Stream Compression (DSC). Universal Compatibility, DP 2.0 Version backward compatible with DP1.4,1.2, etc.

Unimaginable Contrast

Experience the realistic battlefield with ultra-rich colors and deep contrast. Conquer your enemies before they see you.

Compatibility List ( Not a full list)

-NVIDIA Graphics Card: Geforce RTX 30 Series (RTX 4090, RTX 3090)

-AMD Graphics Card: AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX, RX 7900 XT, RX 6900, RX 5700 XT, RX 5600 XT, RX 5500 XT

Mirror or Extended Desktop Mod

· Mirroring Mode delivers the same content on a bigger screen for a more comfortable viewing experience.

· Expand your workstation to a second monitor with Extended Desktop Mode, eliminating the annoyance of switching between multiple windows.

display port cable 2.0 desktop

Stable Signal Transmission

Multiple layers of foil and braid shielding eliminate EMI interference, to transfer high-quality and stable video and audio signals, with no worry about visual and audio glitches, artifacts, and audio/video synchronization problems.

Flexible yet Durable

Cotton weaving jacket not only withstands twists, tugs, and tangles of daily use but also ensures more than 15,000 bends.

Gold-Plated Connectors

24K gold-plated connectors offer excellent signal transfer and corrosion resistance. They’re designed for longer service life.

Keep Your Cables Neat

A convenient velcro strap is included to keep your cables neat and tidy, making your workspace easier to use and clean.

Wholesale Certified DisplayPort 2.0 Cable

Our OEM/ODM Certified DisplayPort 2.0 Cable is designed to provide great service for all our customers to ensure they help boost your business with DisplayPort 2.0 Cable. We could supply high-quality DisplayPort 2.0 Cable that are applicable in different approaches to give you flexibility and an advantage in the market. Our certified DisplayPort 2.0 Cable provides high speed, high definition and super clear sound for you when applying to different situations. Besides, the portable DisplayPort 2.0 Cable is brought to any place if you need DisplayPort 2.0 Cable. Getting best DisplayPort 2.0 Cable wholesale gives you a great benefit that you can take advantage of in different applications.

DisplayPort 2.0 Cable Factories in China and Vietnam

Sunshine Electronics has been working as a trustworthy DisplayPort 2.0 Cable manufacturer and supplier in China and outside China--Vietnam for almost 20 years. During the period of those manufacturing years in the field of cable, we gain abundant experience in it. We can guarantee that DisplayPort 2.0 Cable is produced with high quality in China and Vietnam. Besides manufacturing DisplayPort 2.0 Cable, we also offer customization and design services to you. We could provide a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes.

Through our modern manufacturing services for DisplayPort 2.0 Cable, we reduce your costs, ensure high-quality and certified DisplayPort 2.0 Cable, speed up your certified DisplayPort 2.0 Cable to the market, and help you gain a competitive edge. With more than 1200 employees distributed in China and outside China--Vietnam, devotes themselves to serving our overseas customers, and providing them with more advantages and chances to occupy the charger market. Owing to advanced R&D for DisplayPort 2.0 Cable, rigorous quality control for DisplayPort 2.0 Cable, consistent automated production lines for DisplayPort 2.0 Cable, flexible manufacturing system and dynamic dispatching in China and Vietnam, we have gained more reliability and credibility in this industry to obtain more market share and opportunities for our global customers building long-term stable cooperation and maintaining a strong friendship with them in Western Europe, North America, Australia, and Asia.

Why Choose Sunshine Certified DisplayPort 2.0 Cable?

Flexible Manufacturing System and Dynamic Dispatching from China and outside China--Vietnam

Sunshine Electronics has become one of the most well-trusted DisplayPort Cable manufacturers and suppliers in both China and outside China--in Vietnam. We are available to provide two production lines for DisplayPort 2.0 Cable in China and Vietnam at the same time, which means not only we could supply in bulk to meet your high-volume requirements, but also you could decide whether to dispatch your DisplayPort 2.0 Cable from China or Vietnam. The most important factor is that DisplayPort 2.0 Cable produced in China and Vietnam are all of high quality and certified, and the specifications of DisplayPort 2.0 Cable in China and Vietnam are all the same.

Reliable Experimental Validation and Product Verification

Our professional DisplayPort Cable manufacturing processes are streamlined, standardized, and rigorous to guarantee that we can always provide high-quality and certified DisplayPort 2.0 Cable to all our customers. We adopt machines with highly Validated and Recognized test equipment brands in our laboratories and production workshop, such as FLUKE, Chroma, YOKOGAWA, LECROY, TESEQ, and GwinSTEK which stand for the highest and strictest standards with strong recognition in this industry of DisplayPort 2.0 Cable. At first, in terms of materials of DisplayPort 2.0 Cable, they should conform to the standards of RoHS, Reach, California 45 Act, and Red Phosphorus free. Then, all DisplayPort 2.0 Cable will follow a series of verification. At last, before dispatching and packaging, all DisplayPort 2.0 Cable must pass another series of product verification, such as UL &CUL, FCC, DOE, CE, and NRCan.

Package Design of DisplayPort 2.0 Cable from Concept to Commercialization

Our expert team of designers who are talented in the field of DisplayPort 2.0 Cable handles the packaging and design solutions for DisplayPort 2.0 Cable from the beginning to the end, catering to any business needs. Combining the product design of DisplayPort 2.0 Cable, they are responsible for creating the perfect appearance design for your DisplayPort 2.0 Cable, along with matching labeling services of DisplayPort 2.0 Cable, and packaging of DisplayPort 2.0 Cable.

Warehousing, Logistics, and Inventory Solutions of DisplayPort 2.0 Cable

We are skilled in providing assistance in inventory management of DisplayPort 2.0 Cable through the use of our order system of DisplayPort 2.0 Cable and delivery options of DisplayPort 2.0 Cable. We are also good at managing the internal inventory to make sure that we have available stock of DisplayPort 2.0 Cable for faster delivery to our customers who are willing to use our DisplayPort 2.0 Cable. We can promise that we will solve your urgent need for DisplayPort 2.0 Cable as soon as possible to ascertain to leave a great impression on our packing services.

Full After-Sales Services

We believe in walking the journey with you which is why we deliver after-sales services designed to give you a hand whenever you are stuck and we are there till the last second of your DisplayPort 2.0 Cable.

Customer-Based DisplayPort 2.0 Cable

Our DisplayPort 2.0 Cable shows custom options for you, such as the color of DisplayPort 2.0 Cable, the shape of DisplayPort 2.0 Cable, the size of DisplayPort 2.0 Cable, the labeling service of DisplayPort 2.0 Cable, and the package of DisplayPort 2.0 Cable on the surface of DisplayPort 2.0 Cable. But if you can’t find what you need for DisplayPort 2.0 Cable or you already have specific requirements for DisplayPort 2.0 Cable, no need to worry! We accept custom orders of DisplayPort 2.0 Cable according to your ideas. Contact us, let us know what you need for DisplayPort 2.0 Cable, and we’ll do our best to create the best DisplayPort 2.0 Cable for your business!

Boost Your Brand with DisplayPort 2.0 Cable Design

Adding extra value to your DisplayPort 2.0 Cable by choosing a suitable DisplayPort 2.0 Cable design is also a key element to boost your brand in promoting DisplayPort 2.0 Cable. Fashionable, technical, and practical shapes for DisplayPort 2.0 Cable or packages for DisplayPort 2.0 Cable could increase customers’ desire to try your DisplayPort 2.0 Cable. By creating a specialized label for DisplayPort 2.0 Cable or a design of DisplayPort 2.0 Cable, it is easier to create a better and more lasting impression on your target market for selling DisplayPort 2.0 Cable.

We Offer Labeling Services for Certified DisplayPort 2.0 Cable

After completing the production of your DisplayPort 2.0 Cable, our selection of labels as well as packages for DisplayPort 2.0 Cable is designed to cater to your special wants if your need to add your trademarks on the surface of DisplayPort 2.0 Cable. We offer different designs for DisplayPort 2.0 Cable and types of packages for DisplayPort 2.0 Cable that can drastically enhance the way your DisplayPort 2.0 Cable is consumed. Custom labeling services can also be requested to complement your unique needs for DisplayPort 2.0 Cable. Contact us now!

Free Samples

Sunshine Electronics targets at supplying the best customer experience in the whole cooperation process of DisplayPort 2.0 Cable. We also offer free samples for DisplayPort 2.0 Cable to all clients who are willing to have a try on our high-quality DisplayPort 2.0 Cable. After getting your free samples of DisplayPort 2.0 Cable, you can check and examine our DisplayPort 2.0 Cable if our DisplayPort 2.0 Cable meets your requirements. We undoubtedly possess the confidence that our DisplayPort 2.0 Cable is of premium quality and you will not regret.


Can DisplayPort 2.0 do 144Hz?

The DisplayPort 2.0 standard, ratified in June 2019, increases bandwidth by up to three times, making it possible to support far higher resolutions (like 10K and 16K) but also faster refresh rates on multiple monitors. It's capable of running two 4K displays at up to 144Hz when using 8bpc.

What is the difference between DisplayPort 1.4 and 2.0 cables?

HDMI 2.0 supports a maximum bandwidth of 18 Gbps, which is enough to handle 4K resolution at up to 60Hz, or 1080p at up to 240Hz. In comparison, DisplayPort 1.4 has a maximum bandwidth of 32.4Gbps, which opens up a much greater resolution and frame rate potential.

How fast is DisplayPort 2.0 cable?

DisplayPort 2.0 supports a total bandwidth of 80.0Gbps, almost triple that of the 32.4Gbps of DisplayPort 1.4. The higher bandwidth allows for higher resolutions and faster refresh rates, as well as support for Multi Stream Transport (MST), High Dynamic Range (HDR), and Display Stream Compression (DSC).

Does DisplayPort 2.0 support 1080p?

DisplayPort 2.0 has enough bandwidth to handle really high refresh rates while being able to keep HDR. As we have been monitoring the refresh rate race to future retina refresh rates, the bandwidth of 77 gigabits per second now makes it possible to achieve 1000 Hz at 1080p, as long as HDR is not used.

Is it better to use HDMI or DisplayPort for gaming?

So, which connector is best suited for gaming? Without a doubt, it's the DisplayPort! DisplayPort is the best gaming connector in the market because of its optimized versatility aimed at gamers. Its support for both FreeSync and G-Sync allows a wide variety of gamers to enjoy adaptive sync technology.

How do I connect a monitor to a DisplayPort?

Connect your laptop to monitor 1 by:

1. Connecting the DisplayPort out on your laptop to the DisplayPort on the monitor using a DisplayPort cable.

2. Or, connect DisplayPort over USB-C from your laptop using DisplayPort over USB-C (DisplayPort Alt Mode) to the monitor using a USB-C cable.

DisplayPort 2.0 vs HDMI 2.1

The debate of HDMI 2.0 vs. DisplayPort 1.4 was fierce, and the DisplayPort 2.0 vs. HDMI 2.1 one will be much the same, although in both cases the more capable connection was clear. While HDMI 2.0 and 2.1 offer ARC and eARC technology for simplifying home audio connections, they fall far behind their DisplayPort counterparts in overall bandwidth.

HDMI 2.1 was exciting for next-generation game consoles because it introduced a bandwidth more than three times that of HDMI 2.0 (48Gbps), enabling 4K at up to 120Hz. However, DisplayPort 2.0 offers nearly 80 percent additional bandwidth than that. That means the DisplayPort 2.0 vs. HDMI 2.1 battle is over before it's even started. As far as intergenerational gains go, DisplayPort 2.0 vs. DisplayPort 1.4 is enormous and should mean that DisplayPort 2.0 becomes the high-end cable for gaming PCs for years to come.


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