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  • How about Sunshine Electronics?

    With over 20 years of power adapter manufacturing experience, Sunshine specializes in providing OEM and ODM solutions.
    We have grown together with our customers for more than 20 years, and I believe that together we can create a powerful business.

  • How to Ensure Product and Service Quality?

    Our commitment to quality is underscored by certifications. uch as UL, FCC, CE, RoHS, REACH,Intertek,BSCI,ISO14001,ISO9001……
  • How to Ensure the Reliability of Product Solutions?

    Sunshine boasts advanced in-house laboratory facilities. It has the most advanced testing equipment in the industry,Such as CHROMA series test, LECROY, TESEQ, YOKOGAWA, EMC lab. etc.
    We also work with third-party LABS such as CTI, UL, INTERTEK, ICAS, and NETK……..

  • How can we obtain free samples?

    To obtain free samples, you need to provide us with the required quantity of samples and relevant information. We typically offer existing samples for free.
  • What is the minimum order quantity?

    The order quantity is highly flexible. We accept the minimum orders is 300 pcs.
  • What is the delivery lead time?

    For items in our stock, we can dispatch them within 2-5 working days post receiving the deposit or 100% payment. If not, the delivery date may vary, typically falling between 3 to 6 weeks.
  • Which port is used for shipment?

    Typically, we use major international trade ports such as Shanghai of China, Haiphong of Vietnam.
    If you have specific destination requirements or preferences, we can select the most suitable port to minimize the shipping time for your goods.

  • Which logistics do you use?

    We employ various transportation methods such as sea freight, air freight, and land transportation to best meet your shipping needs.
    If you have specific logistics requirements or related inquiries, we can offer personalized logistics solutions.

  • Still any other questions?

    If you have any other questions, please do not worry, please contact us, we will answer you as soon as possible.
  • What are bulk cables?

    Bulk cables refer to cables sold in large quantities or spools without individual packaging. They are commonly used in installations requiring longer lengths of cable. There are various types of bulk cables, including Ethernet cables. The widely used types in Ethernet cables are Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7. Other examples include coaxial cables, fiber optic cables, bulk HDMI cables, bulk network cables, and more. These cables are often employed in situations where customized cable lengths are necessary, such as in-wall installations or structured cabling systems. Purchasing cables in bulk is often more cost-effective and practical for larger projects.
  • In which fields are bulk cables typically used?

    Some of the common areas of application include:

    ● Networking and Telecommunications

    Ethernet cables, such as Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, and Cat7, are often purchased in bulk for networking installations in homes, offices, data centers, and telecommunications infrastructure.

    ● Audio-Visual Installations

    Bulk cables are used for audio and video installations, connecting devices such as speakers, monitors, projectors, and other audio-visual equipment.

    ● Structured Cabling Systems

    In structured cabling systems for buildings and offices, bulk cables are employed to create organized and efficient networks for data, voice, and video communications.

    ● Security Systems

    Surveillance systems and security installations often use bulk cables for connecting cameras, sensors, and other components.

    ● Home Theater Systems

    Bulk HDMI cables are commonly used in home theater systems to connect devices like TVs, Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, and sound systems.

     Industrial Applications

    Industries may use bulk cables for various applications, including machine connectivity, control systems, and automation.

    ● Medical Equipment

    Bulk cables are used in medical settings for connecting equipment such as diagnostic devices, imaging machines, and patient monitoring systems.

     Power Distribution

    Larger power cables used for power distribution in industrial settings or construction projects are also considered bulk cables.
    lu Outdoor Installations
    In outdoor settings, cables used for applications like outdoor networking, landscape lighting, or outdoor speakers are often purchased in bulk.

     Custom Installations

    Any situation where customized cable lengths are required, such as in-wall installations or unique setups, may involve the use of bulk cables.
  • How are bulk cables made?

    The production process of bulk cables involves several key steps. Initially, high-quality raw materials, such as copper for conductors, are selected. These materials undergo an Insulation Displacement Connection (IDC) inspection to ensure adherence to specific standards. Subsequently, Fluke testing is conducted to assess on-contact-to-contact voltage, continuity detection, and open jaw current detection. Connectors are also scrutinized to verify compliance with industry standards like T568B.
    Quality checks are performed at various intervals throughout the production, examining in-process materials for identity, quality, strength, and purity. The Quality Control (QC) unit plays a crucial role in approving or rejecting materials during manufacturing. Before packaging, the final products undergo a thorough QC inspection, checking for possible cracks, and breaks, and ensuring cable connectivity. Both physical and electrical tests are conducted to guarantee the quality and performance of the bulk cables.

  • What is the best Cat 6 Bulk Cable?

    Determining the best Cat 6 bulk cable depends on specific requirements, such as the intended use, installation environment, and desired features.When choosing, consider factors like cable construction, material quality, shielding, and compliance with industry standards. Reading customer reviews and checking for certifications can also help in making an informed decision based on individual needs and preferences.
  • How long can a Cat 6 ethernet cable be?

    Cat 6 ethernet cables can be manufactured in various lengths, ranging from a few inches to over 300 feet (approximately 100 meters). The actual maximum length allowable without a decrease in performance depends on factors such as cable quality, signal interference, and adherence to industry standards. In general, for optimal performance, it is recommended to keep Cat 6 cable lengths within 100 meters (328 feet) for Gigabit Ethernet applications.
  • Is it Possible to Receive Samples, and What is the Turnaround Time for Sample Delivery?

    Certainly. We are pleased to provide complimentary existing samples, and for custom designs, there may be a nominal fee. The sample charge is refundable upon reaching a specified order quantity threshold. Typically, samples are delivered within 2-4 days. If you need samples with your designs, the timeline is around 5-7 days, subject to factors such as the requirement for new printing screens.
  • What customization options are available for bulk cables?

    Common customization options for bulk cables include length, color, jacket material, connector type, shielding, labels, printed information, flame retardant properties, performance specifications, packaging, and more. When considering customization options for bulk cables, it is crucial to communicate specific requirements with the cable manufacturer to ensure that the final product meets the desired specifications.
  • What is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for your wholesale bulk cable order?

    Our minimum order quantity is negotiable and quite flexible. We calculate the costs accordingly. We hope that after reviewing the quality of our products and experiencing our services, you will be inclined to place substantial orders. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.
  • High-Quality and Fast Bulk Cables

    We are meticulous with our quality checks of Bulk Cables and manufacturing standards of Bulk Cables. Our goal is to offer you the best Bulk Cables and guarantee high-quality Bulk Cables for you to boost your business. Sunshine Bulk Cables could totally avoid getting overheated as our Bulk Cables have the property of producing low heat when charging. All Bulk Cables made from Sunshine Electronics are fast and we can guarantee you that all chargers are reliable and of high quality.
  • Strong Supply Capacity

    We manufacture your Bulk Cables fast to ensure that the production and distribution schedules of your business are not delayed or disrupted. Sunshine has self-owned factories in China and Vietnam which are fitted with the machinery of highly Validated and Recognized test equipment brands to ensure that we efficiently manufacture high-quality Bulk Cables. It also enables us to produce in bulk within short turnaround times for Bulk Cables.
  • Customized Order Acceptable

    A group of engineers offer customized designs according to customers’ requests. Our aim is to offer a customized Bulk Cable design to meet all your requirements for Bulk Cables. We are determined to bring your vision to life because customer satisfaction for Bulk Cables is extremely important to us.

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