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Bulk RG6 Coaxial cable

Sunshine Bulk RG6 Coaxial Cable with a waterproof weather seal made for both indoor and outdoor use is durable, long-lasting, and high quality. Sunshine has two factories in China and Vietnam to provide competitive Coaxial Cable with Connector in bulk for you. We keep with good quality and provide the best prices.

Product Description


This RG6 coax represents the industry standard, making it an ideal tool for connecting all kinds of TV equipment, Satellite Receivers including set-top boxes, VCRs, security cameras, and splitters. RG6 coax cable is the standard typically used for connecting a security camera to a DVR.


The cable features Copper Conductor for superior signal retention that provides excellent signal, efficiency and low signal loss. The aluminum foil shield and 60% aluminum braided shield help prevent any interference that may distort your signal.


These coaxial cables are heavily shielded to reduce interference and have a Black PVC Jacket to minimize signal loss and maximize video/audio quality. Made of 18 AWG Wire, it's shielded with both AL Mylar foil and Aluminum Braid for complete protection and superior connectivity. This RG6 Cable is UL Rated.


Comes in 1000 feet spool to fit your bigger need. Choose the length that fits your cable requirement. Neither too long to wrap extra wire in a coil, nor too short that fails to reach your connection point. Select the right length to avoid extra cluttering.

Advantages of Sunshine Bulk RG6 Coaxial Cable


The coaxial cable with BNC Connector can be used for radio, television, and other radio-frequency electronic equipment, test instruments, and video signals.


1. 18AWG 1.0mm Copper Clad Steel Central Conductor

2. 0.18"/4.57mm OD FPE Dielectric

3. 0.025mm Aluminum-Polyester Foil Shielding

4. AL-Braid (60% Coverage) Shielding

5. 0.27"/6.9mm OD Black Flex PVC Jacket to prevent external damage.

Double shielding helps prevent external interference, and noise such as EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequency) that may distort your signal providing a crisp audio-video experience.


Bulk fiber cable in 1000ft Spool to ease long-distance installation. Cable jackets are marked back-to-back every few feet so that you can cut your desired length. Makes it easier for you to determine the length of the remaining cable.

RG6 cable is designed with heavier gauge, insulation, and shielding for better bandwidth and high-frequency signals and is better compared to RG59 coax cable.

· Complete your connection with BNC Connectors

· Double-shielded to help prevent any interference that may distort your signal.

· UL Listed


Which is better RG6 or RG11?

The RG11 cable will give you a better signal at its end compared to the end of the RG6 when given a specific length of cable. Meanwhile, noticeable attenuation will only happen to the RG11 cable once you start using longer RG11 cables since the signal travels longer distances, leading to attenuation.

Is RG6 rated to be underground?

RG6 Direct Burial cable is specially designed to be buried underground. It is high impact and crush resistance outdoor cable makes it ideal for direct burial and wet locations. Water-blocking gel and polyethylene jacket make it safe for outdoor installation.

Can RG6 be used for TV?

The RG-6 is primarily used for cable and satellite signal transmission for residential or commercial installations. This coax cable is thin and easy to bend for wall or ceiling installations and remains the preferred choice to relay cable television signals.

Which is better RG6 or RG8?

RG6 cables are mainly used for cable internet, and cable TV, and that is the most significant difference between the popular RG6 coaxial cables and RG8 cables. RG8 is unable to carry clear video signals because of its design and, consequently, is more appropriate for radio signals.

Does RG6 support 4K?

Sunshine 25-Foot-Long Quad Shield RG6 Coaxial Cable

Eliminating outside interference is key to getting the best signal possible to support a 4K TV.

Is HDMI better than coaxial cable?

HDMI Cables:

They allow high digital audio bitrates than optical and coaxial cables. The sound quality is better than the other two cable types. These cables transmit multi-channel audio formats such as DTS:X and Dolby Atmos.

What is the difference between RG59 and RG6?

The RG59 and RG6 cables are two types of cables that can be used for various applications. The biggest difference between the two is the size of the RG6, which is larger than the RG59. The RG6 cable's inner conductor core is thicker, as is the shielding within the rubber sheath.

What are the benefits of RG6?

RG6. These cables have higher-quality shielding and thicker insulation than their counterparts. That way, they can endure outdoor conditions and more interference. Also, their thick insulation suffers less from signal loss over long distances due to their thick insulation.

What is the max distance for the RG6 cable?

1,000 m

standard RG-6 cable (1786-RG6/A with attenuation of 5.99 dB) the number of taps in your segment (there is no minimum trunk-cable section length requirement). The maximum allowable total length of a segment is 1,000 m (3,280 ft) with two taps connected.


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